We powder coat your metallic articles.

Our fully automatic powder coating street with sprinkling tunnel, makes us a specialist in the powder coating of smaller metallic items:

maximum dimensions: height = 80 cm length = 40 cm width = 38 cm

Own production = better quality = shortest delivery terms

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What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a process where a covering layer of organic materials is formed to embellish and/or protect the item against rust. A mixture of dry powders is being applied onto the item to be treated. These powders are being heated in the oven which turns them into an impenetrable layer. Other than with wet coating, powder coating does not make use of any solvents or thinners. All RAL-colours can be achieved.

The advantages of powder coating:

  • - Perfect quality: solid and scratch resistant;
  • - Solid protection against corrosion;
  • - Complete coverage;

The terms for powder coating:

  • - The item is conductible;
  • - The item can be heated;